Ruth and Paul Harrison
Ruth and Paul Harrison - UK -

"We recently completed a motorbike tour across Tibet.This to us was our very own version of The Long Way Round.
It was the most exciting and fun trip we have been on! Exodus, World Explore, KE Adventure trips have had nothing on this in comparison.
Tej and his team really look after you. They could not be more helpful and guide you through the vagaries of Chinese officialdom which can be highly changeable and incredibly frustrating!

Tibet is still mostly a frontier country and this trip gets you as close as you can to the real Tibet. We had a great time full of unforgettable memories we will always treasure and made some good friends in Tej and his team. You won't be disappointed."

Bella and Ralf
Bella and Ralf - Germany -

Namaste Nepal! Hello Nepal!
We really had a great time in this amazing country. We want to say a big Thank You to Tej Bahadur Jarga and the whole Mountain River Rafting Team for the excellent organisation in Nepal. If you are interested to visit this unique country, don't hesitate to contact them ( at Mountain River Rafting team: http://www.mountainriverrafting.com)

Alison Blanchard
Alison Blanchard - Portugal -

When I arrived at the side of the river for the first time I had no idea what to expect, I even asked the guide if he thought that I might get wet. He was kind enough not to laugh at me.
That was last year; one year and six river journeys later I know that you get very very wet, feel terror in your heart in some of the class 5 rapids, wonder in your soul at the staggering beauty of the rivers and surrounding areas and you know that each river journey will be forever imprinted in your memory.’

Mrs. Mimi Moe and a group
Mrs. Mimi Moe and a group - Hongkong -

Mountain River Rafting team,

It’s been more than a week since we came back from exotic Nepal trekking around the Annapurna range and we are still talking about the camping and tea house experience. Your porters had been very hard working, being multi lingual and always making sure our picnic lunch was ready and piping hot before we reached our destination. A team from Mountain River Rafting Mr. Dhan Sing, Mr. Pema, Mr. Niama are great porters and cook the best Pizzas and apple fritters in Pokhara!

The tents we slept in were very spacious and clean compared to the ones I have been in my other camping holidays.
The camping grounds designated were perched on a side of a cliff giving us great views of the Annapurna mountains when we open our tents.
The river rafting was also wonderful. Rafting experience in Trishuli river, our guide from Mountain River Rafting Mr. Shankar Shrestha and his paddle team was very professional, giving us the safety rules and teaching us how to paddle before commence white water rafting. Some of us are first time campers, so it was a good and memorable experience.
I am quite sure I will be back to Nepal soon thanks to your accommodating service, friendliness and warmth of the local people!

Simon Medlyn
Simon Medlyn - UK -

Dear Mountain River Rafting Team:

I did Sunkoshi trip with Mountain River Rafting which is top trip, really enjoyed the trip the guide’s were excellent and the food was amazing. We did it as a small group which made the evenings really chilled and got to know the guide really wills, all were happy very friendly and great company. Well Worth the money excellent service.