Bruce and Paul R. Harmon Harmon
Bruce and Paul R. Harmon Harmon - USA -

Dear Mountain River Rafting,

My brother and I have been rafting for over 25 years. We found Mountain River Rafting to be the most professional rafting company we have ever dealt with. The crew had an excellent knowledge of the river as well as Nepal’s cultural history and heritage. They kept things lively and fun, without sacrificing any thing in the safety department. Also we cannot say enough about the food! The food we had on the river was the best food we had in nepal. Without exception, all the meals were delicious.- right down to the chocolate birthday cake they made to celebrate my brother’s birthday on the river. If you want to have a grate rafting adventure, with some very fun and processional people, we highly recommend Mountain River Rafting.

Tom Plouuaan
Tom Plouuaan - -

Dear Mountain River Rafting,
This was a real nice trip with big adventure, Big rapids, big waves so much fun. We flipped in the biggest rapids, that was struggle to bet out but we all did well. The guides are real nice and safety is very good. Do this trip and you will never forget

David J. Lock
David J. Lock - San Diego, California -

Dear Mountain River Rafting,
We are so happy to have booked our trip with such a fun, professional company. Mountain River Rafting has state of the art equipment, provides great food and meals yet more importantly there are two functions that were very important to us, safety and experience.
From the top management to the guides and safety personnel Mountain River Rafting excelled in both good communications with clients and knowledge about Nepal, the rivers and people. Each of the employees I met are fluent in many languages and were able to answer all questions with an appropriate response.
Not only were these folks diligent, they had the same spirit as myself, adventurous, positive and craving excitement.. They made us feel so welcome and part of a rafting family. When camping out on a river in the middle of an unfamiliar country it is really nice to feel protected and safe.
If you plan to have adventures in Nepal contact this company. I am sure they are as creative and successful with all the activities they provide for adventures from thrilling white water rafting to sightseeing to motorcycle excursions.
Thank you all,

Davidov Dmitry
Davidov Dmitry - Israel -

Dear Mountain River Rafting,

I would like to thank you for excellent trip on Sun Koshi river.
When I came to Nepal, I have planned to do a long rafting (I haven't any day+ rafting experience before)
I have asked by email few companies and selected Mountain River Rafting for good price and quick response.
When I arrived the experience was much greater that I expected. The best things were very friendly staff and Great River.
Our guide Amar Magar was very friendly and professional. Despite some rain the views were amazing. We also met a lot of local people on the way, and the places were less "touristic" and more native than everything i met later during treks in Nepal.
Food was very good and in these days we tested almost every kind of Nepali food from curry to Tibetan bread.
The river also provided great rafting experience, there were a lot of rapids, some of them like "Harkhapur rapids" were really scary, and we also went to nice waterfall near the shore. Overall it was great experience (you can find pictures here- http://picasaweb.google.com/dima25d/) and one of best parts of my visit to Nepal.

Kearrin Sims
Kearrin Sims - Australia -

I have travelled to over eight countries now and spent a total of around 9 months overseas. In that time I can honestly say that I have never met a more honest and helpful tour operator than Tej Bahadur Jarga from Mountain River Rafting. My travels in Nepal, trekking, rafting, and going to Chitwan national park were all so easy and hassle free thanks to Tej. To do business with Tej is not just to receive an excellent and well priced holiday, it is also to make a very good new friend. I’m going to visit